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A Floating World

Fundació "la Caixa"

The catalogue for A Floating World, an exhibition held at CaixaForum in Barcelona, is an integral part of the coordinated graphic design project for the show. The typography and the way it’s used, the use of colours, and the transparent pages all reflect the overall concept: the pursuit of volatility or lightness. Just as the distinct sections of the exhibition were separated by translucent methacrylate panels in different colours, transparent tracing paper in various colours is used in the catalogue to create ‘floating words’. In designing the general page composition, we imagined a floating/horizon line at the top margin exerting a ‘magnetic’ pull on all the elements in the catalogue. The photos, texts, and title typography all recreate the sense of being drawn to this floating line, generating a disordered order in the catalogue as a whole.

<b>The City Belongs to Us: To Everyone </b><br/>Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>El ombligo del mundo</b><br/>Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Festa Major</b><br/>fpmWEB<br/><br/>app
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>editorial
<b>A Floating World</b><br/>Fundació "la Caixa"<br/><br/>exhibition
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Lluís Cercós</b><br/>Vilafranca del Penedès Council<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>Diónysos 1</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>DHUB - Disseny Hub Barcelona<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Port.X</b><br/>Vilafranca del Penedès Council<br/><br/>identity

Apropa't a la ciència

Generalitat de Catalunya

The catalogue for the exhibition Apropa’t a la Ciència (‘Get Closer to Science’) involved intensive work on editing, design and layout. Based on the texts and the general approach to the show, we proposed a graphic and conceptual discourse aimed at capturing the exhibition as a whole in a publication that would extend its life beyond the closing date. All the text in the catalogue is in the PRI font, which we designed especially for this project. A fold-out cover protects and adds rigidity to the front and back covers.

<b>Sant Sadurní d'Anoia</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Apropa't a la ciència</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>Awards and grants </b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>identity
<b>1977. Ja sóm aquí</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>brochure
<b>1977. Ja sóm aquí</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>Awards and grants</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>brochure
<b>National Design Prizes </b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>catalog

B-Sign Splash

B-Sign Accessories

The information included in the catalogue for the Splash bathroom collection by B-Sign Accessories is organised in two main blocks. The first showcases the products, photographed in context with a dash of humour, and offers product information, including instructions for use and information on dimensions, materials, colours, etc. The second block focuses on the designers who make the brand distinctive and provide the added value. Profiles of the design teams and brief explanations of their product ideas are presented in a black-and-white magazine. The magazine showcasing the designers is included in a pocket inside the front cover of the catalogue, and a list of models and prices is provided inside the back cover.

<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Double surprise</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>shopping bag
<b>Poster</b><br/>Arjo Wiggins<br/><br/>poster
<b>Camper Workshop</b><br/>Camper<br/><br/>poster
<b>TPFG Bulo Rounded Type specimen</b><br/> - Jordi Embodas<br/><br/>brochure
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>poster
<b>Cromosoma 13</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>poster
<b>B-Sign at Vinçon</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>shop

Camper Workshop


When we contacted Camper to produce the graphics and communication material for the workshop, which is held every July in Son Fortesa (Majorca), we suggested creating a magazine that would focus on day-to-day activity at the workshop, the participants and speakers involved, and everything going on at the event. The publication would be distributed on the last day of the workshop to coincide with an exhibition of work by participants, so the challenge was to design and print the magazine in just five days. The only way this could be done was to use a rotary printing system, because in this graphic industry sector the turnaround time for jobs is very short. The result was 10,000 newspapers printed in black and white, featuring short articles, interviews, illustrations of the work process, and information on everything that went on at the workshop. After the event, the newspaper was sent out to fashion schools around the world to promote the 2010 workshop.

<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>flyer
<b>B-Sign at Vinçon</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>shop
<b>Giralt Sabaters</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>identity
<b>Crackania Assortment </b><br/>Casanella Xocolaters - Chocolat Exclusive Quality<br/><br/>packaging
<b>Sala Teatre</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>La Gemma</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Cromosoma 13</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>poster
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>poster


Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

This catalogue for an exhibition of work by Eulalia Valldosera at the Reina Sofía Museum is divided into four main sections: photographs of the artist’s work, the texts that form part of the work, critical analysis, and a complete, detailed catalogue of the featured pieces. The entire publication is printed in black and white to emphasise that the aim is simply to catalogue the work, which is impossible to faithfully reproduce.

<b>Talent Latent</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>The City Belongs to Us: To Everyone</b><br/>Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)<br/><br/>several
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>poster
<b>Diónysos 7</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Talent Latent</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Jazz Saturdays at the CCB </b><br/>Centre Cultural Blanquerna<br/><br/>poster
<b>Espacios de trabajo</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b></b><br/>Museu de Valls<br/><br/>signage
<b>Diónysos 6</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial

Espacios de trabajo

Eulàlia Valldossera

This is the second catalogue we designed for Eulàlia Valldosera, in this case for an exhibition held at Zaragoza’s Sala Luzán. We used the same approach first applied in the catalogue for Father and Mother, an exhibition held in Girona. In each case, we organised the information in a linear fashion to show all the successive elements that shaped the final work: documentation, sketches, reference texts, and the artist’s experiences. For this catalogue we designed and programmed a pixelated version of the Grotesque font, directly inspired by Times Screen, which was designed by Miquel Polidano and used in Father and Mother.

<b>I Don't Like Music </b><br/>Galeria Espai Zer01<br/><br/>catalog
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>identity
<b>Jazz Saturdays at the CCB </b><br/>Centre Cultural Blanquerna<br/><br/>poster
<b>Robert Capa, aquí</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Festa Major</b><br/>fpmWEB<br/><br/>app
<b>Diónysos 1</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>poster
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Diónysos 3</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Lluís Cercós</b><br/>Vilafranca del Penedès Council<br/><br/>exhibition
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