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CA Tarragona Centre d'Art

<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>Diónysos 5</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>Museu de Valls<br/><br/>signage
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Season of performance events</b><br/>Teatre Cal Bolet<br/><br/>poster
<b>I Don't Like Music </b><br/>Galeria Espai Zer01<br/><br/>catalog
<b>The City Belongs to Us: To Everyone </b><br/>Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>El ombligo del mundo</b><br/>Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Diónysos 4</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>A Floating World</b><br/>Fundació "la Caixa"<br/><br/>exhibition

Alcaraz Functional Rehabilitation Centre


Identity for a functional rehabilitation centre. In view of the emphasis the centre puts on sensory and postural re-education, the idea was to communicate or establish some form of sensory dialogue through the graphic elements that define the corporate identity.

<b>Parquet</b><br/>Parquet. Art Floral<br/><br/>identity
<b>Sala Teatre</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b></b><br/>Casanella Xocolaters - Chocolat Exclusive Quality<br/><br/>packaging
<b>Parquet</b><br/>Parquet. Art Floral<br/><br/>typography
<b>Barcelona Design Tour</b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>app
<b>Don't Buy It If You Don't Need It</b><br/>Camper<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Poster</b><br/>Arjo Wiggins<br/><br/>poster



Corporate identity for a beauty salon in Vilafranca del Penedès. The style of the establishment is young, non-conformist, and daring. We created a large letter A — cut, wild-looking and distorted – that plays a symbolic role and is always a separate element from the rest of the salon’s name. This generates a duality of registers that gives it a certain personality. The identity is still in use and has stood up well to the passage of time and changing fashions.

<b>La Gemma</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Cromosoma 13</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>poster
<b>Parquet</b><br/>Parquet. Art Floral<br/><br/>typography
<b>Giralt Sabaters</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>identity
<b></b><br/>Casanella Xocolaters - Chocolat Exclusive Quality<br/><br/>packaging
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>catalog
<b>B-Sign at Vinçon</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>shop

Awards and grants


Each year the Vinseum simultaneously invites submissions for various awards and grants that it gives to promote research on wine-related subjects. Rather than using two different images, we proposed a single one – coordinated, unified and reversible – that could be used right side up or upside down depending on whether the focus was on grants or awards (‘b’ and ‘p’ are the first letters of the Catalan words for ‘grants’ and ‘awards’).

<b>1977. Ja sóm aquí</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>Vilafranca fa per tu</b><br/>Vilafranca del Penedès Council<br/><br/>identity
<b>Yearbook 2007</b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>editorial
<b>National Design Prizes </b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Apropa't a la ciència</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>brochure
<b></b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Sant Sadurní d'Anoia</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>editorial
<b>3,36 m. of BCD</b><br/>BCD Foundation<br/><br/>brochure
<b>Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Apropa't a la ciència</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>catalog

B-Sign Accessories

B-Sign Accessories

Identity for a young company that makes household products with a strong focus on design and innovation. B-Sign products seek to convey a feeling of happiness and create a fun, plasticky environment.

<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>poster
<b></b><br/>Casanella Xocolaters - Chocolat Exclusive Quality<br/><br/>packaging
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Giralt Sabaters</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>identity

Civic Platform for Health and Environment


The symbol we created for the Civic Platform for Health and Environment is simple and clear to facilitate its application and use.

<b>Estrella Forum</b><br/>Estrella Damm<br/><br/>packaging
<b>Arrel 3</b><br/>Candidatura d'Unitat Popular Vilafranca del Penedès<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Diverhivern</b><br/>Vilafranca del Penedès Council<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Blanca and Xavi</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Glops 1</b><br/>Fundació Xirinacs<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Catalunya Punks</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>music
<b>Arrel 1</b><br/>Candidatura d'Unitat Popular Vilafranca del Penedès<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Arrel 7</b><br/>Candidatura d'Unitat Popular Vilafranca del Penedès<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Nosokomials</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>editorial
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