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<b>Parquet</b><br/>Parquet. Art Floral<br/><br/>typography
<b>B-Sign at Vinçon</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>shop
<b>Cromosoma 13</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>poster
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>flyer
<b>TPFG Bulo Rounded Type specimen</b><br/> - Jordi Embodas<br/><br/>brochure
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>poster
<b>Christmas at the Parquet</b><br/>Parquet. Art Floral<br/><br/>shop

Barcelona Design Tour

BCD Foundation

<b>Double surprise</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>shopping bag
<b>Esencial Mediterraneo</b><br/>Esencial Mediterráneo<br/><br/>packaging
<b>Don't Buy It If You Don't Need It</b><br/>Camper<br/><br/>editorial
<b>La Gemma</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Alcaraz Functional Rehabilitation Centre</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity

Festa Major


The graphic design of the programme of events app for the annual local festival of Vilafranca is very simple and reflects our goal of creating an app that we could offer to the councils of other cities and towns to use for their festivals and activities. It is structured in four sections, and the design is completely unpretentious, with the focus on presenting information clearly and making navigation as intuitive as possible. The graphics applied are those used for the festival; we simply established the support framework for the information presented. The neutral, systemic design of the app makes it easy to incorporate graphic elements for other festivals, such as La Patum de Berga, La Mercè (the annual festival of the city of Barcelona), and the Tàrrega Theatre Festival.

Laus Bronze
<b>Diónysos 1</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>poster
<b>Talent Latent</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>catalog
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>flyer
<b></b><br/>Ca l'Isidret Edicions<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>identity
<b>Season of performance events</b><br/>Teatre Cal Bolet<br/><br/>poster
<b>Diónysos 11</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Espacios de trabajo</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>editorial


Best of European Design and Advertising 2004 ADC*E // Best of European Design and Advertising 2005 ADC*E // Best of European Design and Advertising 2006 ADC*E // Best of European Design and Advertising 2008 ADC*E // Best of European Design and Advertising 2009 ADC*E // Editorial / Made in Spain Index Book // esc ¡entra en el diseño español! Actar // esc -enter spanish creativity- Actar // étapes: diseño y cultura visual, 12 Gustavo Gili // Inout & Friends nE yOUNG // International Yearbook Communication Design 2009/2010 Red Dot Edition // International Yearbook Communication Design 2010/2011 Red Dot Edition // Laus 01 Actar // Laus 02 Actar // Laus 03 Actar // Laus 04 Actar // Laus 05 Actar // Laus 06 Actar // Laus 07 Actar // Laus 08 Actar // Laus 09 Actar // Laus 2010 Actar // Logos made in Spain Index Book // Select D Graphic Design from Spain Index Book // Select E Graphic Design from Spain Index Book // Select G Graphic Design from Spain Index Book // Select H Graphic Design from Spain Index Book // Select I Graphic Design from Spain Index Book // Selected A Graphic Design from Europe Index Book //


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