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B-Sign Splash

B-Sign Accessories

In the case of the displays for the Splash bathroom line by B-Sign Accessories, there’s no graphic complication whatsoever or intent to overdesign: we used photographs of the products in context, taken for the catalogue by Inga Knoelke under the artistic direction of Martí Guixé.

<b>Double surprise</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>shopping bag
<b>La Gemma</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Sala Teatre</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Cromosoma 13</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>poster
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>flyer
<b>Alcaraz Functional Rehabilitation Centre</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Crackania Assortment </b><br/>Casanella Xocolaters - Chocolat Exclusive Quality<br/><br/>packaging
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>identity

Camper Workshop


The poster for the Camper Workshop 2009 serves as a basis for multiple posters. The idea behind the graphic design is to treat the poster as a ‘crossed cheque’: whatever happens, that cheque’s special because it’s crossed. Typographically, we ‘cross’ the poster so that the contributions of participating designers are always marked or ‘crossed’ with the Camper Workshop 2009 information. Participants were able to make their own posters and individual graphic and conceptual interpretations on the pre-printed paper. The result was a diverse range of posters that Camper will be able to use to publicise and provide information on future editions of the workshop.

<b>Christmas at the Parquet</b><br/>Parquet. Art Floral<br/><br/>shop
<b></b><br/>Casanella Xocolaters - Chocolat Exclusive Quality<br/><br/>packaging
<b>Camper Workshop</b><br/>Camper<br/><br/>catalog
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>identity
<b>Eh! Va! study centre</b><br/>Eh! va!<br/><br/>identity
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>poster

Cromosoma 13


Packaging design for a reel by Cromosoma 13. We designed a poster with two markedly different sides: one with the technical content (code) of the DVD, and another with an x-ray of the author's skull. The production work on this job is of exceptional value. With Gràfiques Orient in Barcelona handling the printing, we were able to mix gold and silver inks to produce an excellent rainbow fountain effect. The printing was done on high-quality black offset paper.

<b>Giralt Sabaters</b><br/>Giralt Sabaters<br/><br/>identity
<b>Alcaraz Functional Rehabilitation Centre</b><br/>Persones<br/><br/>identity
<b>Esencial Mediterraneo</b><br/>Esencial Mediterráneo<br/><br/>packaging
<b>B-Sign Accessories</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>identity
<b>Poster</b><br/>Arjo Wiggins<br/><br/>poster
<b>Camper Workshop</b><br/>Camper<br/><br/>poster
<b>Don't Buy It If You Don't Need It</b><br/>Camper<br/><br/>editorial
<b>B-Sign Splash</b><br/>B-Sign Accessories<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Tempus Fugit</b><br/>Index Book<br/><br/>editorial

Father and Mother

Eulàlia Valldossera

In the communication material for the exhibition of Eulàlia Valldosera’s work in Girona, we used the same typography applied in the catalogue, which we felt had enough character to create an engaging and easily identifiable graphic code. The low-profile approach is intended to focus attention on the information while offering a visual clue (details of the artist’s documentation material) as to what visitors can expect to find.

<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>identity
<b>Talent Latent</b><br/>Generalitat de Catalunya<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Diónysos 2</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Espacios de trabajo</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Season of performance events</b><br/>Teatre Cal Bolet<br/><br/>poster
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Dependencias</b><br/>Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía<br/><br/>catalog
<b></b><br/>DHUB - Disseny Hub Barcelona<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>Museu de Valls<br/><br/>signage
<b>A Floating World</b><br/>Fundació "la Caixa"<br/><br/>catalog

Jazz Saturdays at the CCB

Centre Cultural Blanquerna

Graphic design for the ‘Jazz Saturdays’ series at the Blanquerna Cultural Centre. Our idea for the first series fuses music and typography. The series featured concerts by four groups that play different jazz styles, and the graphic design is based on the superposition of the title, which is composed in musical format (each letter is positioned where a note would be) based on four great jazz themes, one in each style. The overprinting creates a sense of movement, while the very free, improvised character of the typographic composition and overall look are perfectly in tune with the jazz theme.

<b>Espacios de trabajo</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b>The City Belongs to Us: To Everyone </b><br/>Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>El ombligo del mundo</b><br/>Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Lluís Cercós</b><br/>Vilafranca del Penedès Council<br/><br/>exhibition
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>poster
<b>Diónysos 1</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Diónysos 2</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Diónysos 3</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>Museu de Valls<br/><br/>signage

La otra poesía

Centre Cultural Blanquerna

La Otra Poesía (‘The Other Poetry’) was a series of poetry readings held in Madrid. The poems were by Catalan authors who are unknown for many in Spain – poets who are social outsiders in Catalonia because of their turbulent personal lives. In Madrid, people are familiar with Maragall, Espriu, and other traditional Catalan poets. We superimpose the contemporary on the traditional to convey the message that the quality of work by present-day poets is comparable to that of classical authors.

Laus Bronze
<b>Robert Capa, aquí</b><br/>Edicions i propostes Culturals Andana<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Diónysos 11</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Diónysos 5</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>Diónysos 2</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b>A Floating World</b><br/>Fundació "la Caixa"<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Father and Mother</b><br/>Eulàlia Valldossera<br/><br/>catalog
<b>I Don't Like Music </b><br/>Galeria Espai Zer01<br/><br/>catalog
<b>Diónysos 8.9</b><br/>Vinseum<br/><br/>editorial
<b></b><br/>CA Tarragona Centre d'Art<br/><br/>identity
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